Frequently Asked Questions

Use my Octopus referral link and I’ll split my referral reward with you. Therefore you’ll receive £50 from Octopus, as well as an extra £25 from me…£75 in total!

Sounds too good to be true? Check out my frequently asked questions below

Simply…Yes!  The following outlines the rules around my Octopus referral offer:
20.2.10. Referrers may offer additional rewards to recruits (new customers) as long as it is clear that the additional reward is entirely the responsibility of the referrer and not the responsibility of Octopus.
If you’d like to read Octopus’s full terms and conditions on their website, please click here.
Yes. You’ll get £50 referral credit (or £25 if you only switch electricity or gas) if you’ve used my referral link when signing up. And if you’ve also been charged exit fees by your old supplier, Octopus will refund them too.
The switch takes 21 days from start to finish.

Once you’ve signed up, the switch date can’t be changed. This includes a 2-week cooling off period during which time you can cancel your switch.

You can track your switch in your Octopus Account.

As soon as your switch is confirmed and I receive the confirmation from Octopus, I’ll transfer your bonus via your chosen method within 24 hours…although usually within an hour or two!

How it works

Using my Octopus Energy Referral Link is simple and the only way to guarantee the highest reward available!

1. Use my referral link to join Octopus Energy

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2. Complete my bonus request form

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3. Wait for Octopus to complete your switch (usually witin 21 days)

4. Once your referral is confirmed by Octopus, I’ll transfer your £25 bonus using your chosen method.

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